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News from New York

The Eastern NCPN-Grapes Center is located at Cornell University in Geneva, NY. Its mission is to increase the diversity of clean grapevine selections suitable to regional conditions in support of the growth and prosperity of local grape and wine industries.

The Cornell Grapes Center continues to safely introduce high-quality grapevine selections from foreign and domestic sources, and to release clean, virus-tested, and Agrobacterium vitis-tested vines, following therapeutic treatments, as appropriate, and extensive diagnostics. Among the new selections introduced in 2022 are five interspecific hybrids from western Europe. These are not currently available in the United States and are of interest because of their cold hardiness and resistance to powdery and downy mildew. The NCPN-Grapes activities at Cornell support efforts to increase the diversity of clean grapevines available to the grape, juice, and wine industries in the eastern United States, in conjunction with other NCPN-Grapes Centers.

Grapevines in a quarantine greenhouse at Cornell's NCPN-Grape Center

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