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The National Clean Plant Network for Berries (NCPN-Berries) produces clean planting stock for berry crops. NCPN-Berries is part of a network of clean plant centers in the United States that conducts diagnostics and pathogen elimination services and maintains pathogen tested plant materials for nurseries so they can be included in state certification programs. 

Production of berry crops such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, starts with clean plant material. Healthy plants are easier to propagate and produce higher yields and better quality fruit.


The berry industries have been involved with NCPN since the first workshop held in Riverdale, Maryland in

May 2007 where an initial strategic plan for NCPN was developed. Since then, the NCPN-Berries network has worked to provide clean plants to berry nurseries, improve awareness of the importance of clean plants,


educate growers and nurseries on effects of virus diseases and help determine the cause of a devastating outbreak of strawberry viruses and take measures for future prevention. Efforts are underway to enhance the capacity of NCPN-Berries and to build in some redundancy, especially for plant cultivars that are in high demand.

Our clean plant centers and programs:


Foundation level plant material is sold primarily to the nursery industry to establish healthy sources of propagation materials for commercial production. Order policies and minimums differ between centers. Please contact a center or program for specifics.


NCPN Testimonals


 “We take clean stock very seriously. Our independent growers want to grow our berries because they taste great, but also because of our nursery’s commitment to start clean and stay clean.”

Jenny Broome, Global Research-Plant Health Dept. Manager, Driscoll's, Watsonville, California


“Clean plant systems have been a foundational aspect of our business and have tremendous benefits within the nursery, for our customers and the entire blueberry industry. NCPN has been critical to facilitating the worldwide movement of new cultivars from breeding programs and into grower’s fields.”

John R. Clark.jpg

“...NCPN accomplishments contributed greatly to (an) increase in plantings, grower profits, and quality blackberries for U.S. consumers.”

John R. Clark, Distinguished Professor, University of Arkansas 

Jon Umble, Production Planning and Research Manager, Fall Creek Nursery, Lowell, Oregon

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