Healthy Agriculture through Clean Plants

Safeguarding and supporting specialty crops by providing a sustainable source of clean plant material through innovation, collaboration, translational science and outreach.

Why use clean plants? To increase quality, yield, and profit.


The National Clean Plant Network (NCPN) is comprised of clean plant centers, scientists, educators, state and federal regulators, large and small nurseries, and growers of specialty crops that work together to ensure that plant propagation material is clean and available.


The Network was created to protect U.S. specialty crops such as berries, citrus, fruit trees, grapes, hops, roses and sweetpotatoes from the spread of economically harmful plant pests and diseases. NCPN ensures the global competitiveness of U.S. specialty crop producers by creating high standards for our clean plant programs.


NCPN Testimonals


“We take clean stock very seriously. Our independent growers want to grow our berries because they taste great, but also because of our nursery’s commitment to start clean and stay clean.”

Jenny Broome, Ph.D., Berries, Global Research-Plant Health Dept. Manager, Driscoll’s, Watsonville


“For our industry to stay profitable, we must start with disease-free plant material as part of controlling our costs and keeping production profitable.  NCPN will have a long-term positive impact toward feeding the world’s population into the future.”

Nate Jameson, Citrus, Brite Leaf Citrus Nursery LLC, Florida


“The cleaner the seed, the less virus you’ll have, and the more saleable product you’ll have.”

Matt Alvernaz, Sweetpotato grower, packer, shipper, Merced County, California

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