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NCPN-Hops Continues to Evolve to Serve Grower Needs

Following the success of the 2022/2023 winter rhizome sale, the CPCNW’s hop foundation has been updated to meet the growing demand for virus-tested propagation material. To expand and improve the yearly sale of rhizomes, the hop foundation screenhouse needed to be renovated. The Hop Center has swapped out the traditional wood-treated boxes to a raised Airpot design, allowing for more ergonomic pruning and plant maintenance throughout the year. By switching to Airpot, the production team will be able to “pop” the Airpot apart and separate rhizomes more efficiently than possible in the boxes. Additionally, the new pots and screenhouse layout allow for more hop selections to be maintained in a controlled environment as the need for publicly available material increases. Rhizomes will be available in the 2024/2025 winter sales season. Due to the renovation, selections were refreshed and replanted to meet the highest standard of virus testing available. Rhizomes will not be of a size to divide and fill orders this winter season.

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