NCPN- Hops Committee Members

Chair: Ed Atkins 


Elk Mountain Farm, Inc. 

Bonners Ferry, ID

Vice Chair: Megan Twomey 

Washington Hop Commission 

Roy Farms/ADHA 

Moxee, WA


Jeff Butsch 

Oregon Hop Commission 

Hops Oregon Representative 

Hubbard, OR


Cameron Fox 

At-Large Grower 

Skagit Horticulture 

Mabton, WA


David H. Gent 

Public Research Plant Pathologist 

Oregon State University 

Corvallis, OR


Sidney Grief 

At-Large Grower 

Grief Enterprises 

Manchaca, TX 

Paul Matthews 

Hop Merchant 

SS Steiner, Inc. 

Yakima, WA


Jason Perrault 

Hop Breeding Program Director 

Perrault Farms 

Toppenish, WA

Kevin Wielmunster 

Idaho Hop Commission 

Parma, ID 


Aaron Paul 

Environmental Specialist 

WA State Dept. of Ag., Plant Protection, Plant Services 

Pasco, WA

Scott Harper 

Research Representative/ Professor of Plant Pathology 

Washington State University 

Prosser, WA


Josh Havill 

Subject Matter Expert 

Minnesota Hop Growers Association 

St. Paul, MN

Kim Hummer 

National Clonal Germplasm Repository 

USDA-ARS-NCGR, Plant Protection & Quarantine 

Corvallis, OR 

Robert (Sam) Johnson 

Director, USDA-APHIS (PPQ) 

USDA Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service 

Riverdale, MD


Erich Rudyj 

NCPN National Coordinator 

USDA, APHIS, Plant Protection & Quarantine 

Riverdale, MD 



Tanner Hunt 

NCPN NW Communications Coordinator 

Washington State University 

Prosser, WA