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Education and Outreach New Project Development Guidelines


The NCPN E&O Committee and Co-Chairs welcome and need your suggestions for new E&O products. We work in conjunction with subject matter experts on NCPN Tier 2 committees to produce professional products in alignment with the NCPN Strategic Plan and funding availability.

New product development begins with a small team that may consist of a crop coordinator working with one or two subject matter experts and the E&O Co-Chairs who work on the first draft of text, gather photos or ideas for graphic elements. It is refined as needed and then sent to a graphic designer. After revisions, we circulate it to a wider group, which is often the Tier 2 committee and/or the E&O Committee. Final revisions are made; a final review is done before publishing (print, electronic posting, website, etc.).


Before beginning a new project it is helpful to know: 

  • Project title/ subject.

  • Target audience(s).

  • Key message(s) to be conveyed.

  • The best venue, medium, or platform for delivering this message to the target audience.

  • Deadline (specific event, due date, or recommended frequency).

  • Anticipated outcome, goal, or objective.

  • Is the proposed project similar to, or modeled after, existing E&O products?

  • How will the success of this project or campaign be measured?

  • How will you share feedback or outcomes of this project with the E&O Committee?


Please contact any of the E&O Co-Chairs with your suggestions.  We look forward to working with you!

Kristen Farrar,

Debbie Woodbury,

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