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The foundations maintained by the participating National Clean Plant Network fruit tree centers represent decades of effort to obtain, diagnose, and retain desirable pome and stone fruit cultivars for the U.S. fruit industry. From nurseries to growers to customers, these foundations reduce the cost of producing pome and stone fruits across the country, an economic benefit that was estimated in 2003 to be $227 million per year from the Clean Plant Center Northwest alone. Twenty years on, and with three participating centers, these foundations represent an even greater benefit to the U.S. tree fruit industry.

These foundations contain cultivars from private, state, and federal stone and pome fruit breeding programs both in the U.S. and around the world, all of which has been tested, undergone therapeutics where needed, and stored in controlled conditions to prevent infection and maintain their ‘clean’ status. A list of publicly available pome and stone fruit cultivars housed at the three centers is shown below.


NCPN-Fruit Trees Public Foundation List (updated June 1, 2021)

National Public Foundation List is updated yearly. For more recent updates, please visit the center-specific pages.


These foundations are the backbone of state certification fruit tree germplasm programs across the U.S., where nurseries and propagators can obtain G1 propagative material for multiplication and expansion. They are also a major source for national and international trade in proprietary or licensed cultivars.

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