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What We Do

The NCPN-Citrus clean plant centers ensure that citrus trees produced in the USA are propagated using HLB-free propagative materials. Such materials are produced under highly specialized therapy and diagnostics protocols, maintained in foundation plantings and are distributed throughout the USA under the standards of excellence established by NCPN governance. Testing for graft-transmissible diseases in citrus is the mission of NCPN-Citrus and is paramount to ensure a thriving citrus industry. In addition, NCPN-Citrus centers seek to prevent new introductions of HLB, as well as many other citrus diseases, into the USA, safeguarding the critical supply of true-to-type, pathogen-tested citrus budwood for our nation’s nurseries.

Our Promises

  • Continue improving and enhancing the current procedures for introducing and releasing citrus varieties from foreign and domestic sources to prevent accidental introduction of exotic citrus diseases.

  • Continuous testing of citrus germplasm for graft-transmissible pathogens.

  • Establish, maintain, and upgrade the foundation blocks of pathogen-tested citrus germplasm to provide clean propagative material to the industry.

  • Maintain working relationships with other international and national certification programs to facilitate the movement of germplasm within the nursery system.

  • Develop & promote best management practices for use by the citrus nursery industry to maintain pathogen-tested citrus propagative material. 

  • Develop and utilize education and outreach resources to educate and train key industry & public stakeholders to ensure successful dissemination of NCPN-Citrus products and services.

  • Provide a forum for discussion of enhancement of the system's approach to the distribution of nursery stock and safe exchange & introduction of new citrus varieties and rootstocks.

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