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NCPN- Berries Committee Members



Jon Umble 

Fall Creek Farm and Nursery, Inc. 

Lowell, OR 


David Lawson 

Agri-Starts Inc. 

Apopka, FL 

                              INDUSTRY REPRESENTATIVES

Yongjian Chang 

General Manager 

North American Plants, Inc. 

Lafayette, OR


Bill Foote 

Executive Director 

NC Crop Improvement Association 

Raleigh, NC

Nate Nourse 

Nate Nourse Consulting 

South Deerfield, MA 

Wendy O’Donovan 

Clean Stock Specialist 

Driscoll’s Strawberry Associates 

Watsonville, CA


Doug Thomas 

Crown Nursery 

Red Bluff, CA 


Elizabeth Dorman 

Plant Pathology Laboratory Manager 

Michigan Dept. of Ag. And Rural Development 

East Lansing, MI 

Randi Jimenez 

SES Specialist, Nursery, Seed & Cotton Program 

CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture 

Sacramento, CA 

Dipak Poudyal 

Plant Pathologist, Plant Health Program 

Oregon Department of Agriculture 

Salem, OR

Christie Almeyda 

Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology 

North Carolina State University 

Raleigh, NC 


Maher Al Rwahnih 

Plant Pathologist/Academic Administrator 

University of California, Davis 

Davis, CA


Kim Lewers 

Research Geneticist, USDA-ARS 

Genetic Improvement of Fruits and Vegetables Lab 

Beltsville, MD


Bob Martin 

Horticulture Crops Research Unit 

Oregon State University 

Corvallis, OR 

Tim Miles 

Plant Pathologist 

Michigan State University 

East Lansing, MI 

Dimitre Mollov

Horticulture Crops Research Unit

Corvallis, OR

Natalia Peres 

Plant Pathologist 

University of Florida 

Wimauma, FL 


James Polashock 

Research Plant Pathologist/ USDA-ARS 

Genetic Improvement of Fruits and Vegetables Lab 

Chatsworth, NJ


Annemiek C. Schilder PhD 

Director, UCCE Ventura County and Hansen Ag Research and Extension Center 

Ventura, CA


Ioannis Tzanetakis 

Department of Plant Pathology 

University of Arkansas 

Fayetteville, AR 



Kevin Schooley 

Welland, ON

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