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Grape Growing is Alive and Well in the Midwest

The Midwest Center of NCPN-Grapes is strategically located in the heartland of the USA. The Center resides in Mountain Grove, Missouri at the Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station, where the climate is not necessarily conducive to growing some grape cultivars. Even so, the grape and wine industry in this region continues to expand, necessitating partnership with NCPN to provide clean grape cultivars that can withstand unpredictable freezing, heat and humidity, and high disease pressures. The Midwest Center has generated ten American and American-French hybrid grape cultivars using microshoot tip tissue culture. High-throughput sequencing technology is used to monitor mother vines for all known viruses. Commercial vineyards, nurseries, and home growers alike count on the supply of clean cuttings of virus-tested grape cultivars produced at this facility.

Outreach from the Midwest Center is neighborly! The grape and wine community of the Midwest is a harmonious group that shares research, techniques, and anecdotes. From vineyard managers, state agriculture officials, wine makers, researchers, legislators, and extension specialists come clear communication and collaboration, which brings healthy grapevines. Regular visits to regional vineyards and attention to the concerns of those working with grapevines every day helps the NCPN-Midwest hub meet emerging challenges in viticulture. Grapevine vein clearing virus is one of those challenges unique to this region that the Midwest Center specializes in diagnosing and monitoring. The Midwest Center passionately promotes the NCPN mission of Healthy Agriculture through Clean Plants.

8 people standing in a vineyard in Missouri
From left to right: Jacquelyn Wray1, Sam Sergent2, Krishna Puri2, Matthew Manu1, Bryce Goodlett1, Wenping Qiu3, Sylvia Petersen3, Susanne Howard3 (1Missouri State University Graduate Student 2Missouri Department of Agriculture 3Missouri State University)

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